Open Table Widget

What is OpenTable Widget?
This widget integrates with the restaurant reservation service Open Table. Using this widget customers will be able to make reservations from a restaurant. 
NB: Open Table is an optional add on module that requires configuring for clients using the Simpeview Europe CMS. If you are interested in having Open table setup on your website, please speak to your Account Manager.

Adding the OpenTable Widget
There are two steps to follow in order to add OpenTable Widget to a product record in the DMS 

Step 1

a) In the product page of the DMS, click on Links



b) Click on Widgets


c) Next click on Actions, and in the drop down select Add Widget.


4) Select the OpenTable Widget (may vary on how your site is configured to display the widget types). Once you have chosen the relevant widget, click the Save button. 



Step 2

a) To Search for your restaurant, and generate the preview widget visit: Once at the preview, just enter the name of the restaurant in the ‘Add another restaurant' search box to find your restaurant. 




b) This will give you your restaurant's widget preview page.  We just need to make a note of the widget parameter code for the rID, which will be next to the restaurant's name followed by a hashtag and a series of numbers. Copy the series of numbers after the hashtag. 




c) Finally, in the DMS record product page, click on Links, and External IDs and add the widget parameter code for the rID into the OpenTable box, and click Save. 





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