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This article will cover the steps you will need to go through in order to create a Google developer account and associated YouTube API key. We will also cover how you can give the Simpleview Support / Development team access to view / edit the key. 

NB: If you already have a Google Developer Account / Project, you can use that to add an additional API key / service to. If that is the case, then you can start from step 3. 


1. Sign up for Google Developer Console Account.
(This task is best carried in Chrome, IE doesn't work)
Click "Sign In" > "Create Account" > Next

You can use any email address to create your Google Developers account, you are not restricted to just use Google emails.

(If you already an email address assigned to your other Google services, use this). 


2. Create a new project.

Once you have created your account you will then need to create your project.

Select the project drop down within the header navigation. 



Select the "NEW PROJECT" option in the top right. 


A window will appear for you to enter your new project details. 

Call your project something that will allow you to easily identify it later, for example *Your website name" API key. 


Click CREATE to save your project.


3. Adding the Google Service to your project.

You now need to add the required Google services (Youtube etc.) to your project.

3 Line icon > APIs & Services > Library


Locate the service you want to add and Click on it. 


A screen will appear with an overview of the service you are adding, click ENABLE.


4. Add Website Credentials / API key.

3 line icon > APIs & Services > Credentials


Click on +CREATE CREDENTIALS and choose API key from the drop down.


This will generate your API key. Select the icon to the right of the key to copy the key for submitting to the Simpleview Support / Development team. 



5. Giving Simpleview Support access to View / Edit your API project.

Now we will look at giving the Newmind Support / Development team access to your API project. (This is to allow the support team access should you need any assistance in the future).

Click "Three line menu icon" > "IAM & Admin" > "IAM"


Click +ADD at the top of the window.


Under "New Members" add the email addresses you wish to give access to ( Under role select "Editor".


Once you have done this you will be presented with a list of users who have access to your API keys.



6. Once you have created your API key please submit it via the below form.

Youtube API submission form


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