Accessing the Simpleview Support Portal



The Simpleview Support portal allows users to access our knowledge base as well as log tickets relating to any bugs or enquiries they may have.

How to access the support portal and creating a user

The Support Portal is available to users at the URL:, there is no need for any wwws in the address. From here you can sign up to create a user by clicking on the Sign in box on the top right hand corner of the screen, and then clicking on the Sign up link


Once the sign up box appears enter your full name as well as the email you use for your organisation and if you are required to, please put the verification text in, and then click Sign up.



Once you click sign up, you will receive an email. asking you to verify ownership of the email address. Go ahead and click on the link.

From here you will be taken to a page where you are asked to create a password for your account.


Once this is done you have successfully created your user, and as long as the email address you have signed up with belongs to an organisation that is already present within in our database, you should have full permissions to access all knowledge base content and log tickets.


What to do if you are still having limited access

If you find that your access is still limited once your user has been created this may be due to your organisation not being present in our system, or due to the fact, that the domain your email uses isn't recognised. If you encounter this issue, please ask your account manager to request that your domain
is added to the system, which will allow you full access.

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