CAN - GDPR Data Access / Erasure managment

In this article we look at the Data Access / Erasure functionality available to NM|tU clients using the CAN cookie preference module on their website. 

Understanding how a Data Access / Erasure request is submitted

Below is indication of how the CAN cookie preference banner looks on an NM|tU website.
Users are able to either accept the Cookie statement and the banner will disappear or they can click Options to learn more.  


If a user selects the Options button they will be presented with a general overview of how Cookies are used on the website, as well as links to an expanded overview of Cookies and Data Access / Erasure requests. 

For the purposes of this article we will progress via the Data Access / Erasure link outlined below. 


The user will be presented with an overview of their rights in relation to the data held on them with regards to GDPR regulation, this includes Accessing and Erasure of personal data. 

If the user wishes to do so they can progress to make a request via the Make a Request button.


Users are presented with a form to fill out requiring their contact details and what the request is. 



The options available are output as follows - 



Managing your Data Access / Erasure requests. 

NM|tU users who have opted to have the Cookie preferences / Data request functionality should have received login details (username and password) from our partners at CAN, these will allow users to login to the CAN GDPR dashboard and access, manage Data Access / Erasure requests. 

The CAN GDPR dashboard can be accessed here -

Requests will be present under the Requests link in the left menu. 
A requests summary list is presented from which you can progress to the individual requests using the View button on the right. 



Clicking on the View button will present you with the submitter's details including telephone number and email, this should be sufficient for locating their data the DMS and other systems, as well as allow you to make contact if needed.  


Once a user has completed the request it can be remove from the system by selecting the CLOSE REQUEST button.


If you have any difficulties accessing the CAN GDPR dashboard please log a request with the NM|tU Support team via the Support Portal


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