Google Maps API creation

This article will cover the steps you will need to go through in order to create a Google developer account and associated Google Maps API key. We will also cover how you can give the Newmind | Tellus Support team access to view / edit the key. 

1. Sign up for GDC account -
(This task is best carried in Chrome, IE doesnt work)

Click "Sign In" > "Create Account" > Next

You can use any email address to create your Google Developers account, you are not restricted to just use Google emails.



2. Create a new project -

Once you have created your account you will then need to enable the Google maps API.

Click on the project name next to the Search box.


Click 'Create'

Give your Project a name and click 'Create'.



Go to APIs & Service ---> Library



Select "Maps JavaScript API". 


Click on the "Enable" button. 




3. Add Website Credentials -

We will now add your website credentials and restrict the use of the API key to your website.

Click on "Credentials" > "Create Credentials". 


Select "API key"


You will see a screen with your new API key present, please copy this somewhere safe as you will need this later.

Then click "Restrict Key". 


Under "Application restrictions" select "Websites", you will then need to add the domain names that your website host(s) are associate to. 

We will add two entries with wildcards, to cater for the domain being used with or without a subdomain e.g. www (note the dot in the second example): 


(above are only examples and you would swap the domain out for your own).

Click "Save", you will then see a screen with a list of your completed API keys.





4. Giving Simpleview Support access to View / Edit your API project. 

Now we will look at giving the Simpleview Support / Development team access to your API project. (This is to allow the support team access should you need any assistance in the future).

Click "Three line menu icon" > "IAM & Admin" > "IAM"


Click on "Add".


Under "New Members" add the email addresses you wish to give access to ( Under role select "Editor".


Once you have done this you will be presented with a list of users who have access to your API keys.



5. Add a Billing account to your project. 

Please remember to also assign a billing method to your project.

(Even if your usage will fall below the 28000 free API calls per month you will still need to associate a billing method in order for the account to be fully activated).

Please refer to the Google Maps Platform for current pricing information.

Click "Three line menu icon" > "Billing"


From here you can associate an existing or new billing account.


NB: Please give your billing account a name relating to the Organisation / Card owner. 

Once you have created your API key please submit it via the below form and the Support team will make the relevant changes -

Google Map API submission form

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